I was born and brought up in Somerset and spent my childhood in the foothills of the Mendips and the Somerset Levels. I have lived in Montgomeryshire for over 35 years now.

When I first learnt to make Felt I immediately fell in love with a medium that I found interesting to work with and almost alchemical in its transition from fibre to fabric.

I went to Art College when I left school but later trained as a counsellor and worked with people for many years. As I worked less I had more time to return to my love of Textiles. I started, like most Feltmakers, to make bags and scarves and boots etc. and after a while I began to experiment with the idea of using felting techniques to make pictures, ‘painting’ with fibre.

I love walking, taking in the landscape and the wonderful things to see in Nature. In my pictures I am trying to share a little of the appreciation I feel for the Natural World.

Feltmaking is an ancient art/craft and has been around for many thousands of years and when I am teaching Felt making I hope I can encourage and inspire people to work with this amazing medium – wool.